What do we charge?
Our flat hourly rate for events and short-term security is $40.00/hour per guard. We do offer slightly lower rates to companies that use us on a regular basis, please contact us via email and one of our sales team members will reach out to you with more information.
What types of security can be booked?

  • Office security
  • Night Club Security
  • Pub & Bar Security
  • Corporate events
  • Retail security
  • Warehouse security
  • Residential security
  • Other unarmed security needs

Who will my guard be?
We require that all guards have previous verified security experience. All applicants must pass background checks which we use a 3rd party vendor who process these checks for us. We also conduct our own routine background checks. After each booking, you are able to rate your guard 1-5 stars. This ensures we keep the highest quality of service


What’s the process?
Simply use our website to book security. Fill out your business location, guard selection & the basic information and confirm the booking. A guard or multiple guards will arrive at the address you input. Feel free to notify the guard on-site if you have additional instructions. Once the booking is complete, your credit card will be charged and you will be able to rate the guard after the experience.
How do I know they’re going to show up?
In addition to our strict screening process, we also have top of the line technology to keep track of the guards arriving on time. We’ve developed sophisticated systems and processes to severely limit the risk of no-shows. That said, in the very rare case that a guard has an emergency, our technology allows us to find a replacement guard faster than any competitor. Often under 2 hours
How do I pay?
We you select your preferred guard continue with the booking process online carefully imputing all the correct details of your address and requirements, then you can pay via Credit Card ( MasterCard or Visa)
To prevent fake bookings you will be required to verify your email address. Your account will be charged immediately upon payment. Not to worry as we do offer a Full Refund as long as the cancellation is made in advance of 24hrs of the commencement time. Cancellations after the 24hrs will be at the discretions of the company.
You will receive confirmation of the booking & Payment via email. You will also receive a confirmation  email from the security guard to confirm that he has received the shift information. This gives the customer extra piece of mind that the guard has confirmed the position.
What if I keep a guard longer than I reserved?
In the majority of cases, that is not an issue at all. Please ask the guard if this is ok. What you will need to do is check your previous email from us and scroll down to the bottom of the email where you will find a link to pay for additional hours. Enter the guards full name and the number of hours then pay. After please drop us an email [email protected] and notify us of the additional time.