Active Shooter – Christchurch & Netherlands

You have seen it on the news, on the radio, in the papers and on the internet the 2 events that gripped the world recently of the mass killing in Christchurch and the tram shooting in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Christchurch 50 killed in mass shooting

He calmly records the who event and streams it to the world to see. You can see him driving down the road in his car, parking up and removing items from the trunk of his car. Hes armed up with a gun and his camera fixed to his head to stream live to Facebook to the world. He enters the 1st mosque Al Noor at Dean’s Ave and starts letting of rounds as people try to take cover.

The gun man now goes back to the car after approx 6 or 7 minutes in the 1st mosque. He now starts to make his journey across to the 2nd mosque Linwood at Lindwood Ave. Now he is armed with a pump action shot gun and is firing rounds out the side window.
Schools went into lock down and the streets were swarmed with armed police and ambulances at the scene of the shooting.

Later a Subaru car was rammed by police 2 km from the first mosque shooting. The PM later confirmed that the shooter was Australian.
The police found a lengthy manifesto. “He wanted to show the world that it could happen anywhere” He had planned roughly this attack 2 year’s in advance and choose his targeted location as Christchurch only 3 months ago. The attacker also had IED explosives in his vehicle.

On the shooters gun magazine he had the name of other terrorist shooters drawn on to the 3 loaded magazines for his riffle.

All regional flights out of New Zealand were temporarily cancelled following the attack. Streets were on lock-down and 3 people were also arrested as part of the ongoing investigation.

50 innocent lives lost due to the actions of one extremist trying to show the world that it could happen anywhere whilst streaming the entire shooting live on Facebook for the world to see.

Utrecht tram shooting 3 dead

A gunman opened fire inside a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht around 10:45 a.m. local time.
At least three people have died and five are wounded following the shooting.
Gokmen Tanis, 37, who was born in Turkey, is wanted following the incident on the tram.

Where the shooting took place.

Gokmen Tanis has had previous run-ins with law enforcement prior to this shooting. We hear it everyday “the gun man was known to the police” or “he had previous issues with law enforcement” its always the same statement for most of these senseless killings however if they are well known how could they ahve prevented this attack from happening? It’s a question that we are all wondering but no one can really answer the question.
The motive behind the attack is not known yet but the police are still considering that it may be terrorist related.

Following the incident, three rescue helicopters were sent to the scene which has since been cordoned off. Utrecht police also said a Renault Clio was carjacked just before the shooting, and was later found 2.6 miles away.

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