Sourcing Nearby Security Guards At Last Minute Notice

So you have a last minute event, party or large gathering that you feel may need a security guard or two to help ensure your party remains safe. Maybe your business needs additional guard or your guard is planning a few days off and you need security coverage?
How do you source another security guard for such a short period of time ?

Easy with us Security OnDemand you can find book any available security guard available on our platform. For a short duration with up to a minimum of 4 hours notice before the shift. Shorter notice than that please give us a call. Maybe you have back up guards but often they may not be available, do you maybe just chance continuing without a guard? Or would you rather peace of mind and book a guard to ensure the event is hassle and worry free.

Security is the first to go!

Security is often one f the first things people eliminate to reduce the cost of their business or party. However having security is the 1st step in saving you money thgey prevent things from happening and step in and solve the problem when they do.
Often a business or event will not notice any problems while the security guard is onsite and automatically assume that well nothing happened while he was working so maybe we don’t need a guard. But have you ever considered that nothing happened because he was busy preventing problems from arising rather than letting them happen to just show you that a guard is required. A true security guard prevents problems from happening by taking a proactive approach and when a problem arising he/she will deal with the problem as effectively and quietly as possible trying not to alert others around to the problem.

Benefits Of Security OnSite

The number of benefits you can have by just having a security officer onsite at your business or outdoor party or event is fantastic.
1) They can control who comes in to your business, event or party.
2) They have a visual deterrent as to possible thief’s, trouble makers or general nuisance from causing an issue with a guard been onsite.
3) Cops have a go to person should they have an issue or request information from your event or business. They will know that it is a more professional event or party if there is a presence of security guards onsite.

4) You can have peace of mind knowing that you have security onsite to stop possible problems and to deal with the problem should it occur.
5) An extra set of eyes and advice. I mean this may be your first event you hosted or big party you have organised, a security guard will likely have worked at many different events and may offer some advice and guidance to help you ensure the event is more secure and safe and friendlier for your guests.

OnDemand Security Guards

What ever the event or party be sure to source a reliable security guard to ensure you have a safe , fun experience. Should you require a short notice security guard feel free to look at our available security guards nearby in Jackson, Gulfport & Biloxi HERE

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