Why You Need Unarmed Security Guard

Unarmed Security Guards: You’ve invested a lot of energy to successfully manage your business. The production team and plant people are hard workers. Sounds like your business should be thriving, but why is your bottom line decreasing?

Your company may have made a costly security mistakes by not having an unarmed security guard by:

1: Thinking Your Employees Won’t Steal

You only think you know your employees. According to employee theft statistics, 75% of employees have stolen from their employer. Things such as laptops, construction materials, and merchandise may be too tempting for employees. You’re leaving your company open to theft by not hiring unarmed security officers. A guard from a security guard provider such as a guard from Security OnDemand can protect your premises. They will also be a visible deterrent to would-be thieves.

2: Thinking Your Workplace is Safe

Your building’s location may be in a low crime area or you’re familiar with most of the people that come into your business that you and your employees are moderately safe. No matter how safe there are no guarantees that you or your business will never be a target for criminals. You could reduce the risk of harm by hiring unarmed guards to work onsite and react quickly to help prevent potentially harmful situations.

3: Neglecting to Include Security While Strategic Planning

Having a good proper security measures for your business is often overlooked during the planning process. Cost is always a factor when planning any business expenses. By not hiring unarmed security guards you may be costing your company more money. In the US shoplifting accounted for 39% of the reported loss of stock & inventory in 2015.

Replacing stolen merchandise and equipment, legal and insurance costs, and lost productivity could be exorbitant compared to the cost of hiring guards. It could actually be cheaper to hire a guard than to not have one!

Can your company afford to not have an unarmed security guard? Be smart. Plan for your security needs. For more information or question please visit us at www.securityod.com

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