Mall Security Tips

Security Guarding Mall Tips

Managing the significant increase in store traffic is a challenge for many shopping malls . Maintaining a comfortable experience for visitors, ensure crowd control and identify suspicious behaviors must be among the top priorities of your shopping mall’s security team. Our retail security experts are here today to share some security tips to increase safety in the malls. Please have a look over these mall security tips.

1. Provide awareness and security training to shopping mall’s staff

Your shopping mall personnel includes parking staff, cleaners, desk employees, etc.

Threats your shopping mall personnel usually face are not that dangerous. It’s important that staff are trained to take appropriate actions in high risk scenarios. Your staff should know:

  • How to screen the area around them when arriving and leaving the shopping mall
  • When to not be alarmed and resume normal mall operations
  • How to securely move cash if need be during Black Friday
  • When and how to advise other staff of a threat
  • How to effectively report any suspicious or unusual activity to the mall security team and/or 911, with valuable descriptions or photos of the suspect(s)
  • How to address visitors’ questions and redirect them in the event of the shopping mall closing

2. Adapt shopping mall’s opening and closing procedures

Because shopping mall hours are fixed, it’s easy for those with bad intentions to scope out the mall and its operations. —including when staff and security arrive and leave. Determining an opportunity for the bad guys.

Your mall’s usual opening and closing times are set but have your employees arrive on site a little earlier than the actual operational hours. This will ensure better preparedness as your people and stores’ staff can successively settle in, inspect and finalize preparing their work space for the busy day ahead. When your mall opens, your staff are ready to monitor crowds and detect potential problems.

In the event of the shopping mall closing, your shopping mall personnel should put signs on all the mall’s doors to alert potential visitors. Your website should also mention it.

3. Ensure that security equipment and procedures are planned

Your shopping mall’s security team plays a crucial role in keeping your staff, visitors and mall safe.

Always check that the mall’s equipment protocols and emergency procedures are all understood and clear. Logistics should be discussed, documented and communicated to all members of your mall’s security team at least on a weekly bases encase things change.

  • Ensure the mall and independent stores have operational flashlights and radios prior to the mall opening.
  • Review procedures to report suspicious behavior such as visitors wander into restricted areas.
  • Have alternating patrol routes and times so potential criminals won’t be able to predict their patterns.

4. Get additional security guards to patrol the premises of the shopping mall.

Your security guards are your shopping mall’s first line of defense against potential threats: they are always on the lookout for suspicious activities and know how to quickly address security risks. Deploying additional security guards has lots of advantages:

  • Patrol your entire mall prior to its opening to the public
  • Additional security guards mean that you have extra guards to be stationed throughout the entire building.
  • Additional security patrol guards—can monitor the food court, also patrolling the mall common areas (washrooms, parking, etc..)
  • After closing time, guards can cover your shopping mall’s entrances to ensure no unauthorized persons re-enter.

5. Pay special attention to high-risk areas

Washrooms: the private nature of a shopping mall’s washrooms makes them especially attractive to potential criminals.

Rubbish bins are potential storage for stolen goods, weapons, explosives and suspicious packages.

  • Use clear plastic bags in waste bins as they are easy to search.
  • Make sure security guards can visually check waste containers for weapons, explosives and suspicious packages.
  • Empty all garbage bins right before closing time to ensure nothing dangerous is onsite overnight.

Your underground parking and other parking structures should be closely monitored by your shopping mall’s team.

These 5 essential security tips to increase safety in shopping malls are a great place to start. There is still a lot more that you can review as part of your escalation plan.

Please ensure your staff and security teams are well informed so that they can be prepared to deal with all threats.

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