School Safety – Let’s Fix The Problem

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Quit contending about gun control and begin giving instructors the preparation they basically need. We should begin at a spot we would all be able to concur: nobody ought to cause damage to our schools & our students.

Quit purchasing stuff. How about we spend the cash that will be used in the wake of the present catastrophe by putting resources into individuals instead of purchasing materials. Metal finders, applications, and fencing won’t stop a potential school shooter, and past events has proven this.
Training in violence prevention, threat assessment, and crisis response might.

Training and expertise in preventing and responding to crisis events needs to be de-centralized. Every person in every school – teachers, staff, students, parents – needs to have adequate, appropriate training in what to do when a crisis occurs.

Plan for all dangers. While dynamic shooter circumstances are unfortunate and earn loads of media attention, in all actual brutality and emergency circumstances happen EVERY DAY in our schools. Arranging, readiness, preparing, and reaction is required that centers not simply around dynamic shooters (the most unrealistic of occasions), and natural hazards that schools face each day

More law implementation isn’t the appropriate response. In a school emergency, teachers ARE the people on call and ought to be prepared in that capacity. However most discussions, choices, and trainings about school safety are focused on and driven by a law implementation point of view.

We don’t need more political rhetoric or recriminations. We don’t need to turn our schools into prisons. We don’t need to arm teachers or have cops in every classroom. We just need to have the will to plan, prepare, prevent, and train our educators NOW.

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