Christmas Is A Thief’s Paradise.


PUT YOUR HOUSE ALARM ON!! – So many people have house alarms and don’t put them on.  An alarm sounding will usually always draw attention to your property and scare anyone trying to get in.

DON’T put your outside Christmas lights through windows.  The little gaps left in many windows when people put lights through is always an easy target for anyone scouting your premises to break in.

BE CAREFUL WITH waste package! Yep, potential thieves will go through your rubbish and recycling.  If they see boxes for pricey items such as play stations, tablets or mobile phones they know there are goods inside to make it worth their while.

Got outbuildings? Buy some decent locks.  Yes a padlock can be broken, however a big, sturdy padlock will deter theives.  This is usually because it’s much more effort (and noise) trying to break through one of the strong padlocks.

DO NOT LEAVE KEYS IN AN EASY ACCESS PLACE.  There are literally so many people who leave house keys and car keys on a table.  Even a key hook right by the door. Thieves are pretty handy and will find anything to poke through and grab these.


TRY TO AVOID LEAVING YOUR HOUSE UNATTENDED WHEN POSSIBLE.  Although not the most practical tip as people have to go to work etc. If you have lot’s of evening plans and parties over the festive period try asking one of the kids, or a relative to pop by and house sit for a while.  Ask a trusted neighbour to pop in a few times and turn on some lights at night if you are away for longer period of time.  We have all seen home alone and you can bet there is a few Marv and Harry’s hanging around scoping out the big houses over Christmas.

GIFTS ON THE BACK SEAT IS A BIG NO! If you are doing a big shop & having to bring gifts back to the car whilst you shop for more, please remember to put these in the boot NOT on the back seats.  Shopping bags teaming with presents on display in a car is asking for trouble.

BE VIGILANT.  Keep your eyes open for any strange but regular vehicles you see parked in different places in your street.  Have a look out the window every now and then to see if there are any strange folk hanging around.  Keep an eye out on neighbours premises and report anything that seems dodgy.


We wish you a  Merry Christmas

We hope these top tips are of use and remind you of a few simple things you can do to make sure your Christmas is not ruined.

Above all – Enjoy your Christmas! Share the love, think of others stay vigilant.

Season’s Greetings from all at Security OnDemand

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