What To Expect From Cheap Security Guard Services

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When it comes to security guarding services and security providers, it’s always better to avoid the very-cheap services.

Here’s why.

Unqualified Guards 

Very low cost guard services often hire unqualified personnel to fill shifts. In the current economy, many security guard companies have reduced their hiring costs by employing non-security trained personnel. This will have an effect on the businesses that are supplied with these guards, who under paid and over worked.

Little or No Training 

Many low cost security guards have never been trained how to communicate and interact with the general public. This causes all sorts of issues and embarrassments. Find security companies that have qualified guards with real experience, common sense and a real customer service orientated guard, after all a security guard is the person who customers come ask questions such as directions, where is the toilet etc.

No Supervision

Guards arriving late, lazy guards, absent guards, this is not a professional service. This many be the result of cheap companies who don’t have any way of monitoring or checking on guards attendance and performance issues. If yous a service such as Security OnDemands we allow our our customers to choose a guard based on previous customers reviews and comments. This makes our guards work harder and professionally in order to receive positive feed back. We use this type of platform as a monitoring tool for our guards. With cheap and low cost guards the potential  problems are endless and can lead to security mistakes and errors because there is a lack of control and checks on guards.

Lack of Reliability

What your realistically paying for is ”securing your most reliable asset – Your piece of mind”
Cheap guard services hire unreliable guards.  Hey if a guard is getting paid less than the average guard can you really expect him to show up every day on time and enthusiastic about his job? Knowing that he is been underpaid?
Guards may even not show up for work. Many of these companies don’t have backup guards to replace those that are sick or don’t show up.

Poor Communication & Booking Services

Cheap security companies cause endless problems. They promise you their best guards and supply you with a newly hired inexperienced guard. You have to ask to edit and change your booking details only available during office hours. They may charge you for the service and not refund you when the guard doesn’t show up. Going cheap can make security a nightmare!

When considering security services, don’t just look at the cheapest solution. Explore all of your options. You’ll probably save more money in the long run if you go with a professionally company supply highly qualified experienced guards.A quick search of security guards in my area will display multiple option of companies to choose from.

At SecurityOnDemand.com, we provide affordable professional security guards, we even allow our customers to select a security guard of their preference that best suits their requirements.  We don’t underpay our guard and only work with experienced and background checked security guards.



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