Hotel Safety Tips For Guests

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We have created a brief safety checklist for clients or business partners to prepare themselves for a business trip away in a hotel.

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This saves you money as book directly. It means you can pay online via credit card and less money been exchanged or carried. You can often exchange less information over the counter when you arrive where other people can hear.

Checking In

Upon arrival write down any emergency contact details that you see at the check in desk. Have your credit card on hand as they will wand a copy of this. Ensure you ask fro a room with a safety box or if not ensure thay have somewhere at the reception desk where you can securely lock away your valuable belongings.

Don’t let concierge take your bags. Always keep your bags in full view or you. Place your bags down beside you and kindly decline any help from the concierge unless they are going to wheel your luggage along beside you to your room right then and there,

Floor Selection / Floor Request

Choose or request for a room on the second, third or fourth floor. Avoid the top floor. Never stay on the ground floor if possible it is too easy to access for thieves and other members of the public. Floors from the 2nd up usually require your room access card to access the floor via the lift or electric doors. This makes it more secure.

Never stay on the top floor. To many stairs to evacuate the building during an emergency.  If your on the third, forth or fifth floor you have less stairs and a better chance of escaping unharmed.

Be Aware Of Followers

Please keep an eye out around the lobby area and check in desk to see if you notice anyone watching you. When making your way to your room floor check to see if you are being followed. This is especially important for solo female travelers, your would-be stalker/attacker now thinks they know what floor you are on. Avoid going to your floor and to your room as the person will  know where to find you after you enter your room.

Do Not Disturb Sign

Use the do not disturb sign on the outside of the door when you leave the room. Take a walk about your floor & locate the fire escape plan. Don’t just assume that because there is a fire escape plan on the wall, that all of the exits will be clear, especially in third-world countries. Know your exits. Typically in larger hotels, there will be escape routes at either end of the floor. Take a look for  any of the doors locked or chained?

Get Your Bearings

When you leave the hotel pin point local  landmarks.Ask for a city map, every hotel have these at reception. Locate the closest police department, hospital, emergency center etc. As a tourist, in a taxi, you stand out. If you are in a country with a history of kidnappings or robberies, when you are at a standstill for long periods of time in traffic, you become a target.

Hotel Safety Deposit Box or Safe

Most hotel safes are not really secure and some are not even bolted down to anything solid. Some are incredibly easy to break into. Never leave your passport, documents, valuables or money under your mattress. This is the most basic senseless approach to hiding your important possessions. The thieves will 100% search this are in the room. Bring your important documents and items to reception and ask the manager if they have an office safe that they could hold on to you valuables as you don’t find the room safe secure enough.


Wipe Your Magnetic Key Card 

Your key card can store a lot of details about an individual staying in the hotel room. Key cards are set to expire and are reprogrammed for the next guest. But what if the wrong person got hold of it before it was reprogrammed. They could find out a lot about you. We recommend you do is put the key card up to some sort of magnetic device this will normally wipe the content on the card ( It will not damage the card) have you ever wondered why sometimes when you key card is beside you mobile phone in you pocket and then the key card suddenly dost work? Its the magnetic contact been wiped by the mobile phone.

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