The Importance of Security Guards Being CPR Trained

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The role of a security officer or guard interests a lot of people. Becoming a security guard requires specialized training and certifications.

Security guards in the United States are required to attend some training courses ( requirement differ from state to state) in order to qualify for a Security Guard licence. The training and documentation can be from 8 hrs to 30-hour on-the-job training or classroom training for security guards. They have also to attend yearly refresher courses  to re skill and cover any new legislation that had been introduced.

CPR Certified

Having a CPR certification as a security officer will really make a security officer stand out among other security officers due to the fact they are training in life saving scenarios. Many security companies require or prefer CPR certifications to be considered for employment. For those who have worked as a  security guard for a long time, will often have experienced scenarios where people suffer from a cardiac arrest.

Whether you work in a  mall, corporate office, private home, or any public space, you need to be prepared to handle medical emergencies. A security guard should know how to respond specifically in medical emergencies.

If it’s a life and death scenario guards should have the proper equipment and training. A CPR trained security guard will be ready and able to respond anytime and anywhere. The first responders to the emergency situations are mostly security guards. The first person who seeks help often ask the security guard for help first. Before any patient is handled by the paramedics they are often dealt with by the security officer on site.

Evidently, a security guard who had training with CPR can respond to medical emergencies even when they are off-duty. This happened in the case of Mike Garrigues who is a newly hired security guard at Moorestown Mall in New Jersey. He has just recently completed a CPR course as required by company. It was indeed timely because Garrigues was able to save the life of a 3-year-old boy whom he found lying face-down along the beach.

Security Guard Role

A security guard is efficient in multitasking and in shuffling different hats. They act as a deterrent to crime, assist people, securing locations and property, and responding to emergency situations; among others. Professionalism and commitment is manifested when a security guard is determined to upgrade his skill set with or without being required by employer.

Having CPR training in addition to other certifications help boost the confidence of security guard in responding to emergencies or whenever life is in danger. Security guards should pursue further education and training. Security companies should also have this as a requirement and a part of the budget when hiring security officers to ensure that their staffs are able to provide the best services in terms of security.

You will also be issued a certification and wallet card to show that you have passed the training for CPR and first aid. Some emergency situations that would need first aid or CPR would include injury, choking, heart attack, bleeding, and other accidents or even violent attacks of criminals.

Calling 911

A security guards should call 911 and while the paramedics are on their way, they can perform first aid or CPR on the victim. Rather than looking for medical personnel on the crowd or within the vicinity of the medical emergency, a CPR-certified security guard can immediately respond and resuscitate the victim right away.

First aid training is also important as well as Automated External Defibrillator (AED). An unresponsive victim who is having a heart attack has under 7 minutes to be revived. Otherwise possible prevent brain damage may occur. A security guard on duty must respond immediately whenever these types of situations arise.

Security guards are not medical professions but they are the first line of defense and even protection for the public. It is therefore crucial and a must for security guards to undergo CPR training. This will better equip them on how to handle emergencies that happen out of the blue.

CPR training are not mandatory but some companies regard this as very important and a necessity because security guards. They protect and safeguard lives, and property from many forms of incidents, or accidents.

Administering CPR is a life long skill that everyone should be trained in. Especially security guards who are in public areas such as malls with a heavy footfall of customers. Emergency situations need security guards who are ready to respond even with no instructions at hand.  Knowing and understanding CPR and how to administer the right way will help you save lives.

Be sure to recruit hire or book a security guard who has the relevant first aid training qualifications. Have a look at these Security Guards Profiles to see what training certification that they have.

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