Party Security Guards, Why You Need Them.

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When deciding to host a party there are a lot of things to factor into the big day. You have to prepare the guest list, book a DJ, purchase alcohol, minerals & snacks. But how can you ensure that part will remain safe and hassle free for your venue or home and your guests?

It will be your responsibility to ensure the party goes to plan, so you want to make sure everyone has a good time and are safe.


A safe party keeps your guests, property, friends and local neighbors and houses safe and secure
The last thing you want or need is the local police been called should your party get out of control or its to loud on your street.  By keeping your neighbors happy and in informed you’re showing consideration, so they’ll be less likely to get annoyed about your party. It would be a good idea to give them you mobile number and ask them to contact you directly should an issue or problem arise during your party.

Make sure you keep on their good side by staying within the limits of noise late at night. Turning down the music after midnight and having some consideration for other neighbors around you  will go a long way to keeping the peace.

If you get an angry knock at the door during the night, be considerate and turn it down. Otherwise you might end up getting a visit from the police.


Be sure to provide non-alcohol alternatives as not  everyone want to consume alcohol and some party goes may be driving.
Make sure you have plenty of refreshments at the party. Also ensure that no one is overly intoxicated as this is when problems will start to happen.

Provide non alcoholic soft drinks to help keep your party safe and everyone happy.


Security Guards

A safe party is prepared if something goes wrong
There are always going to be spills and messes at parties. Make sure you have enough towels standing by to clean up. Keep a first aid kit handy in case of minor injuries.

This will let the police know the time and location of your party, and who the contact person is. The more the police are kept in the loop, the better they can keep everyone safe.

And if things do look like they’re getting out of hand, be prepared to call the police. They aren’t there to make life difficult – they want everyone to be safe too. Be sure to have a security guard present for your party select a guard from a respectable company such as Security OnDemand

A safe party considers hiring security guards choose a guard that is the best fit for your party. Click here for a selection of qualified guards that you can select from .
Even if you plan your party well and do everything right, sometimes things get out of control and go wrong. Invitations can get shared on social media. Then suddenly you have hundreds of uninvited party goers showing up at your house. Or maybe some guests show up already drunk and things start to get out of hand. Do not allow your party to get out of control like the movie like “Project x”

Stay Safe and plan ahead.

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