Mail Bomb: How to spot a suspicious package.

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As you may have noticed the topic of mail bombs recently on the news and bombs been sent via mail to senior political leaders and heads of state. We take a look at how to spot a suspicious package and what to do?

suspicious item such as (e.g., bag, package, vehicle, etc.) that is reasonably believed to contain an improvised explosive device (IED), explosives, or other hazardous material that requires a bomb disposal team and/or specialized equipment to further evaluate it and secure it. A key indicate of a bomb include unexplainable wires or electronics visibly seen protruding from the package, other visible bomb-like components, and unusual sounds, vapors, mists, or odors. Anything that is Hidden, Obviously suspicious, and not Typical (we call it ”HOT”) should be deemed suspicious and you should seek help immediately.

Suspicious mail or package?

  • STOP! Do not handle the package
  • Close of the area
  • Call 911 immediately
  • If you touched it, wash your hands with soap and water
  • Await for police to arrive and answer their questions
  • If no guidance is provided and you feel you are in immediate danger, calmly evacuate the area. Distance and protective cover are the best ways to reduce injury from a bomb.

Characteristics of a suspicious package:

  • No return address or from sender
  • Oily stains on packaging / leakage
  • Excessive tape/Letters sealed with tape
  • Excessive postage stamps
  • Strange odor or powder
  • Incorrect title or address
  • Misspelled words/badly typed or written

Further Advice can be found on the FBI Website & the Homeland Security Website

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