The Threat of Drones & The Impact to Physical Security

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Technology has advanced at a phenomenal rate over the past 10 years. With the advancement in technology comes more risk and concerns for the physical security.
How can we identify the new risk and how can we adapt to change and reduce or eliminate the risk?
Security guards have a very important role in the physical aspect of protecting retail premises & corporate building. However we have to now realize that we have a whole new level of threat from the so called “Drone Age”.

Assassination Attempt

Drones can be purchase in most local stores and online whilst they seem harmless they can also prove lethal when used for the wrong purpose. Just take a look at the recent assassination attempt of a world leader the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro when he was giving a public speech in a crowd public place.
This drone was flown from a distance that would allow the operator to carry out an assassination with attached explosives. The user may not have even be close by to carry out the task. Fortunately, disaster was averted in this case. This is just one example. Drones can now be used to spy and carry out research on building, people and monitor the whereabouts of nearly anyone.

Drones are being used to even deliver illegal contraband such as drugs and mobile phones to prisons with little that the security guards can do to control the issues. Security guard companies should now incorporate new aspects of training to train security guards what to do and what they should look out for suspicious drones.

Drone Usage

In Mississippi it is very simple to purchase a drone and fly it unrestricted for leisure and fun however they can be very easily modified to do nearly anything with some simple tools. We need to be more aware that with new and enhanced technology at our finger prints so does the need for increased awareness in the risk that it will impose on physical security and security guards.

Stay safe Mississippi security guards & ensure that you increase your awareness about this topic.

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