How to Land Your First Job as a Security Guard

Customer Service

Employers are looking for people who have excellent customer service skills, because a large part of being a security guard is dealing and helping people in your area. Many people will come up to you to ask you questions, or approach you with a problem that needs to be solved. Essentially you are like an information point as people look to you as the most reliable source of info as you are working in this location.

When applying for your first Security job be sure to note down any experience in customer service related roles, employers love seeing that you can demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with customers and deal with their queries efficiently. Regardless if your previous roles wasn’t in a security related role having excellent customer service experience is a big win.

Training and Paperwork

Depending on which state you are applying for a security guard position the legality of the required training and documentation varies state by state. Some states require a number of hours completed by a relevant training authority while other you just need to register with a security company. All require you to be a citizen of the United States of America over the age of 18 and over 21 for other states. Clean criminal records is essential for a security licence.

Work experience and previous employers

Be sure to list your most recent employment, however if some of your previous jobs can relate to the role of the security job you are applying for be sure to put these down on your C.V as your potential employer may be able to relate the role to the security officer role.

Answer the questions with researched knowledge

You will be asked multiple questions with regards the role of a security guard be sure to research the job requirements and specifications prior to your interview. The questions will vary, normally there is no perfect answer to the question however they want to see how you would react in a situation to the scenario / question you are asked. If you have researched the job description and role of a security guard then you should have the knowledge to answer these questions.

Experience is not always necessary

Have you heard the expression “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” well just because a person has 10 years security experience doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good security guard they could have 10 years of bad experience or incorrect security training. Sometimes companies like hiring people with no experience and train them correctly the 1st time as this is easier to teach a new Security guard with zero experience than trying to change a security guard who has experience for 10 years but trained incorrectly.

Confidence is key

Your potential employer is likely interviewing you and will make an opinion within the first 5 seconds of them meeting you. Ensure you are confident and friendly as the role you are applying for as a security guard will require these characteristics. If you are not able to display these in the interview room the employer will think that it is likely you will not be able to demonstrate them in the real life situation as a security guard.

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